Unique design for all types of wastes, Easy operation & maintenance, Incinerator Exhaust gas emissions proper to E.P.A. and EU directives, Automatic and manual incinerator systems upon inquiry, Optional systems for electricity production from incinerators, Solid waste sorting and processing equipments for municipalities.

Kazancıoğlu Secondary Combustion and Flue - Gas Treatment System

Incinerations Plants have been developed to incinerate organic, com bustible materials and to convert these materials into harmless and disposable residual matter while fully complying with the required environmental regulations; namely EU 2000/76/EC, ABPR, EPA and any other local standards.

Mobile Incinerator System

In compliance with international standards combined with trailer... Up to 1 ton/h capacity... Withall necessary equipments for full mobilization;from generator set to tool box, fuel tank to HSE equipments.


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