Wastewater Treatment Systems

Human needs and living standards are constantly changing with the increase in the world population. Our mission is to ensure that the environment conditions are in line with changing population and living standards, and to contribute to people to live in a cleaner environment. Domestic and industrial waste water is also a pollution-causing waste that has to be treated. We are manufacturers of Industrial and Domestic Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.


Areas Of Use

  • Hotel motel and resorts
  • Villages and residential areas
  • Sites, Social facilities
  • Gas stations and recreational facilities
  • Factories, workshops, construction sites
  • Military facilities, camps
  • Mass housings and municipalities

Superior Features

High treatment efficiency of 98%, Clear and odorless treated water supply water, Superior technology, Strong construction and long life, Portable compact unit, Economic operation and maintenance, Easy to increase total capacity with additional units.

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